Saturday 21 April 2007

Posada Carriles Released on Bail

Anti-Cuban dissident and former CIA operative Luis Posada Carilles has been released from an El Paso prison on bail this week. Posada Carilles, who has been charged with immigration offences in the United States, is the prime suspect in the bombing of a Cuban Airliner in 1976. The bombing caused the deaths of 73 people.

With no other country agreeing to allow Posada entry, the US is refusing to extradite the suspected terrorist to Venezuela or Cuba because they fear he may be tortured! This explanation is a complete joke given that the U.S military have been accused of torture and other human rights abuses at their detention facility in Guantanamo Bay. There is no evidence to support any claim that either Cuba or Venezuela are torturing prisoners. This is clearly another attempt by the U.S government to stimulate support among the masses for it's current attempts to 'assist' in Cuba's 'transition to democracy'(an even bigger joke) and to undermine the revolutionary processes which are spreading throughout Latin America.

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez condemned the decision to release Posada Carilles saying of the U.S that "They say they fight against terrorism, (but) there it is! Their mask keeps falling off. The U.S. empire will end up being a paper tiger, and we will be tigers of steel!"

Whilst the Five Cuban Heroes sit in U.S prisons on fraudulent charges of espionage the real terrorists are receiving tacit support from the United States government.

Go to our 'Downloads' box to the right of the page to read statements on this outrageous situation from both the Cuban Government and the 'Non-aligned Movement' which consists of 118 countries.


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