Monday 9 April 2007

Americans to train in Cuba...

Citizens of the U.S must wonder what's going on when they hear that their friends are going off to Cuba to be trained as doctors. It must be hard to understand why it is that a small country like Cuba can afford to hand out 500 scholarships to the Latin American School of Medicine in Habana when their own government can't even cover the costs of basic health care. But that is exactly what was announced at a recent meeting of Pastors for Peace, a group in Oakland, California, who are getting behind the people's revolution in Cuba.

At least a hundred students showed up, packing the modest conference room. Speakers described the history of the Latin American School of Medicine, the scholarship program, facilities, and curriculum. They said that Cuba has sent teams of doctors to disaster-stricken areas all over the world, but the US government (which refused to let them in after Hurricane Katrina) doesn’t want people to know of Cuba’s success in health care because it’s afraid that they will realize that there’s an alternative to the high-tech, capital-intensive Western model.

Click on the audio file in the 'Downloads' box to your left to hear about the latest efforts of the Cuban government to provide U.S students the education that it's own government cannot or will not sponsor.


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