Monday 21 May 2007

Posada Carriles Protest Goes Ahead...

Despite strong winds and incessant rain, members and supporters of the ACFS held the planned protest against the release in the United States of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Speaking into a megaphone, ACFS Adelaide's Secretary Bob Briton made a brief but strong statement to passing commuters. You can watch the video here or go to 'Box' widget to the right of this post to stream or download the audio.

Ironically the headline in today's Advertiser newspaper referred to Australian David Hicks and his requirement to serve another 200 odd days in Yatala prison before he is free (this comes on top of the five years he has already spent in maximum security detention). Yet neither the U.S nor the Australian government seem to be concerned that Posada Carriles, who has himself confessed to involvement in actual terrorist attacks, and is wanted for extradition to a neighbouring country on such charges has been allowed to go free.


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